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D.U.G. Days
July 10th
1:00 pm

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July 15th
7:30 pm - Cover $10

Two piece variety band that brings together a lot of good time music from old to new and everything in between. It is composed of two very talented musicians. Steven (Steve) Freehill Sr. and James (Jimmy) Robertson who will keep your feet tapping all night long. They also have some help from their digital friends who live on an Ipad. Steven and Jimmy both are professionals and have many years of experience in the music world. They also get the crowd involved with their show as well as a good dose of comedy.

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July 23rd
7:30 pm - Cover $10

The Executives were formed in 1997 and are the area's only exclusive 1960s rock and roll band. Our five piece band features 3 part harmonies, and authentic 60s period guitars (Gibson, Fender, Rickenbacker) and amplifiers (Fender and Vox) to recreate the joyful music of the early 1960s. The Executives are: Tom Kelley-lead guitar, harmonica and vocals, Lee Rasch-bass guitar and vocals; Roger Christians-guitar, keyboards and vocals, Jeff Lokken- rhythm guitar and vocals, and Keith Isaacs-drums. The members of the Executives got their start in the music explosion that was the 1960s. Early popular bands featuring our members, The Talons The TODD, LockSpeed and Headwinz in Iowa and Bel Esprit and The Eye in Chicago performed for many events across the Midwest from sock hops to opening for major acts of the period.

Our commitment to recreating the sounds of the 60s with a true joy of performance are guaranteed to bring a smile and make you want to get up and dance!

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Doctor Palm
July 29th
7:30 pm - Cover $10

Shufflin Duprees
July 30th
7:30 pm - Cover $5

La Crosse, WI based band that wants you to have a good time with some of that Old School Blues, some of that Shufflin' Blues, some of that Soul Blues AND of course, some of our own blends of R&B, Funk, and Rock. Bring along those dancing shoes too! 'Cause we want you to have some FUN. So...we will do what we got to do in order to show you our heart and soul.

'Cause that's just the way we do it, you know.

Let me introduce the Shufflin' Duprees to you startin' off with the Rhythm Section.

First of all there's Joseph Martin Shelley III on Bass Guitar. Joe is a most recognizable presence in the rhythm section. He has been on the music scene in the La Crosse area for close to 50 years and has backed up many of the greats on the local Blues scene.

Then there's Terry Nirva on Percussion. What can anybody say about this guy? Those around the La Crosse music scene are familiar with his name and have felt the impact Terry has made in formulating the 'La Crosse' Sound, crossing all genres of music. His list of credits and affiliations would turn this fact sheet into a novel and we are honored to have such a huge talent as our backbone.

On guitar, the Shufflin' Duprees have the privilege of bringing you none other than Mr Dave Rogers. Yes, THAT Dave Rogers Who will, night-in and night-out, never cease to make you wanna smile and gasp for air! So prepare yourself for some experience and feelings that go so deep, even their roots have roots!

Finally, there's Joe (Shufflin' Joe) Hauser on Blues Harp, Keyboards and Vocals. He might look like he's fronting the band, but don't let that fool ya. Shufflin' Joe is just out there singin', blowin' his harp, playin' his keys and havin' some fun with the crowd. 'Cause after all, that's what it's all about right?

Our commitment to recreating the sounds of the 60s with a true joy of performance are guaranteed to bring a smile and make you want to get up and dance!