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Tuesday Nite Music Club
2nd Tuesday of Every Month
6:30 pm

The second Tuesday of every month, 6:30 pm. Hosted by: Rusty James(WDRT) and Mary C. Highlighted artists and open jam for all musicians.

Pictured below: Jamie Waggoner and Tim Eddy

Black River Revue
June 23rd
7:30 pm- $5 Cover

Agroup of friends from Superior, Wisconsin and Duluth, Minnesota who share a love for all different genres of music. Using a bluegrass instrumentation we have crafted our own sound made up of mostly original music which can be heard on our debut album "Garbage Pickin" (released in April of 2013). Our sophomore album "Spring Thaw" (released June 2014) adds another year of songwriting and live performance experience. With our sights held on the future we will continue to grow our catalog of original tunes for new albums and we will keep putting our twist on classic traditional songs and cover tunes that we love.

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Ultrasonic Duo - Simon & Garfunkel and Everly Brothers Tribute
June 24th
6:30 pm - $10 Cover

"The Everly Brothers are the most important vocal duo in rock. The enduring influence of their close, expressive harmonies is evident in the work of British Invasion bands like the Beatles and the Hollies, and folk-oriented acts such as Simon and Garfunkel…." Rolling Stone Magazine

"The dulcet harmonies of Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel remain one of the more cherished sounds of the Sixties…." Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Join the Ultrasonic Duo's Tribute to two great rock legends!

Expect to hear the hits by the Everly Brothers such as Wake up Little Suzie, Dream and Cathy's Clown just to name a few; and by Simon and Garfunkel expect Mrs. Robinson, Homeward Bound, The Boxer and The 59th Street Bridge Song. However…we have a few surprises planned that we are sure you have never heard local bands cover.

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Bernie King and the Guilty Pleasures
June 30th
8:00 pm - $7 Cover

Bernie King and the Guilty Pleasures came into being in early 2010 when they put together a group for a local jug band contest. The synergy between original members Bernie King, Julie King, Matt Smith, and John Kurtis Dehn was so natural and right that they decided to keep on making great music as a band. And that's exactly what they did as witnessed by the release of two great albums, 2012's Bernie King and the Guilty Pleasures and 2014's Pretty Little Gal.

2014 saw a change as original bassist Matt Smith retired to focus on his photography and the band welcomed new bassist Bradley Smith. Bradley's up tempo style was an immediate perfect fit and kept the band right on track for bigger and better things.

2014 was also the first year for the band dominated Reverbnation's bluegrass category sitting in the #1 spot for many, many months. A feat they then repeated in both 2015 and 2016!

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July 1st
7:30 pm

In 1975, the band to book in Onalaska was Phoenix. The band was composed of Onalaska High School students who took their music seriously and gained a reputation as the band to see until they disbanded in 1980. After all, you can't get together in the garage forever. But boys will be boys, so once a year, Phoenix rises from the ashes to play an annual gig.

Dave Buroker - Bass
Norbert Nix - Guitar, Vocals
Dan Sebranek - Guitar, Vocals
Dave Solie - Drums, Vocals

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Circle of Heat
July 7th
7:30 pm - $7 Cover

Circle of Heat - Tribute to the Allman Brothers

Based in Minneapolis, Circle of Heat is a rock band at its core. Drawing inspiration from genres such as funk, jazz, prog, classic and 90's rock, their music is ever expanding into an original sound with a familiar feel. For their sophomore album, 2016's "Some People Say", Circle of Heat continued their focus on musicianship and diversity in songwriting all while allowing room for the spontaneity and improvisation that make their live performances such unique experiences.

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Jes Raymond & The Blackberry Bushes
July 8th
7:30 pm - $10 Cover

Jes Raymond's songs connect the day-to-day with the muses of wonder and myth. They draw from the deep well of American Roots music for a modern sound that has a light-hearted rusticity, elegance, and soul. The Blackberry Bushes fall somewhere between Stevie Nicks, Gillian Welch, and The Infamous Stringdusters.

An award winning bluegrass & Americana band that is in moments haunting and in others: an all out revival. With a rotating cast of believers, Jes Raymond and Jakob Breitbach simultaneously honor the genius of tradition and innovation. Skillful flatpicking interlocks soundscapes with virtuosic fiddle improvisation and top-shelf songwriting.

An award-winning bluegrass & Americana band that is in moments haunting and in others: an all out revival. With a rotating cast-of-believers, Jes Raymond and Jakob Breitbach simultaneously honor the genius of tradition and innovation. Skillful flatpicking interlocks soundscapes with virtuosic fiddle chops, improvisation and top-shelf songwriting.

Web Site: Click Here
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Tommy Bentz - George Harrison Tribute
July 14th
7:30 pm - Cover $7

Growing up in a small Wisconsin town isn't always limiting as it sounds. An eclectic musician, Bentz totes history with the violin, oboe, saxophone, guitar, and bass. Putting all of this musical knowledge together to start a band for the first time in high school, Bentz's love of music would give him the flexibility to perform in rock, classical, jazz, blues, bluegrass and newgrass bands. When asked for his resume, Bentzs list goes on...

? His sound gives credence to this fact the many faces and different genres of music have allowed him to create his own sound: one that blends ideals from many flavors of music into one (kind of like at the ice cream store he managed as a teen). The distinct movement, layering, and syncopation of his style, though intense, is immediately accessible to the listener. Some may say that Tommy Bentz's greatest asset is his confident and mature electric slide guitar style, yet others will argue that his insightful lyrics and adept layering of sound are what keep them coming back to hear him play again and again. Regardless, with three full length albums under his belt - each of them a landmark of musical growth in a coming of age fashion, Tommy Bentz represents a man with spirit, drive, thoughtful journeys, and musical ability that so many musicians strive to achieve.

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Rough and Tumble
July 21st
7:30 pm - $5 Cover

...used to say they were from Nashville, TN. That was before April 2015 when 5 year members Mallory Graham and Scott Tyler quit their day jobs, sold everything they owned, and gave their thirty day notice on their rental house to trade in for a life permanently on the road. With their sixteen foot camper and their 97 pound dog, Butter, they have been touring nationwide. Don't let their vagabond tendencies fool you-- this americana-folk duo are a compact team of close harmonies, versatile instrumentation, and deliberate songwriting all presented with a nudge of the elbow and a tongue in the cheek. Haunting, quirky, solemn, and spritely, The Rough & Tumble are for the faint of heart and the strong of will.

In 2014, filmmaker friend Alyssa Pearson asked the duo to create a soundtrack for her upcoming film, Pieces and Pieces. Up for the challenge, the songwriters took on the task, tackling issues of PTSD, women's rights, war, and the love in between. While the film is still to be released, The Rough & Tumble released the seven songs, dually named Pieces and Pieces, on March 1, 2016.

A few new songs and a few old ones are in the works, now, as The Rough & Tumble continue their meandering back and forth across the country. Likely, any minute now, they will be in a town near you, singing sad songs and telling bad jokes until the next town calls them.

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Ten String Symphony
July 27th
7:30 pm

Nashville duo 10 String Symphony began as a partnership of mutual admiration -- a much needed creative release valve for Rachel Baiman and Christian Sedelmyer, two 5-string fiddle players and veteran sidemen of Nashville's music scene. Rachel, a former Illinois state fiddle champion in the old time tradition, needed an outlet for the new sort of songs she was writing, while Christian, originally a classically trained violinist, now a current touring member of the Jerry Douglas Band, was looking to get in touch the impetuous spirit of the rock bands he played in before his arrival in Nashville. With the love of the 5-string fiddle and its musical possibilities as its focal point, the band's mission statement was as clear as it was expansive:

Two fiddles. Two Voices. Epic music.

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Soggy Prairie Boys
July 29th
7:45 pm

You'll hear traditional bluegrass, oldies, country, and the occasional rock cover performed by the always entertaining and engaging Soggy Prairie Boys!

The member of the SPB's have been together for 14 years honing their skills performing at private and public events across the state. They play everything from old-time bluegrass, such as Hank Williams, to new country, such as The Zac Brown Band. They maximize their sound with three part harmonies on almost every song.

Web Site: Click Here

Farmer & Adele
August 8th
8:00 pm

Bringing you Country Western Cowboy + Cowgirl Swing and High Lonesome Sounds! The band has completed a brand new album featuring the legendary Country Western group, Riders in the Sky, titled Into the Wide Open Sky. The album features the lighthearted songbird Grace Adele, and her musical partner Keenan Wade, on a collection of country-western originals and covers.

The Farmer & Adele grew up admiring classic music – classic country, jazz, the Tin Pan Alley songwriters – and those early styles reflect so much of what the two stand for. Their songwriting is uplifting, heroic and simple, but hearken back to the time of Gene Autry and Roy Rogers, an interest the duo shares with the Riders and a torch the Riders in the Sky carried from equally legendary Sons of the Pioneers. Into the Wide Open Sky is an album for everyone - music written to be entertaining and enjoyable.

Grace Adele - sock-rhythm guitar/song/tap tap tappin
Keenan Wade - mandolin/song/guitar
Chris Bauer - steel guitar/dobro
Jimmy Sullivan - upright bass/vocals

Web Site: Click Here
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Jessie Smith and Armchair Boogie
August 6th
7:30 pm - $7 Cover

Armchair Boogie takes the essence of traditional bluegrass/folk music and molds it to their own youthful, energetic, and improvisational style.
Two fiddles. Two Voices. Epic music.

Armchair Boogie formed in the heart of Wisconsin in 2014 as a banjo and guitar duo. After playing a handful of shows, Augie Dougherty (banjo) and Ben Majeska (guitar) recruited a well versed rhythm section to hold down the upbeat tempos and provide an extra oomph that'll bring even the saddest uncle to a dance floor. This happened in October 2015; and in the few short years since, they've toured consistently around the midwest, played with top notch artists such as Jeff Austin Band and Horseshoes & Hand Grenades, and played venues as big as The Majestic Theater in Madison. The sound has a newgrass feel that's not afraid to delve into realms like funk or country. Keep an eye out for the first full length Armchair Boogie album being released 2017, and don't miss them on the road year round!

Facebook: Click Here

Brian Keith Wallen
August 11th
7:30 pm - $10 Cover

Singer-Songwriter Brian Keith Wallen is on the road all the time. From coast to coast and beyond, Brian is spreading his blend of blues-influenced acoustic music across the world. His award winning combination of storytelling and lightning licks on guitar will never let you forget his name. In just a few years, Brian has released multiple albums and performed over 1,000 shows in 26 states.

Brian won 2nd place in the 2015 International Blues Challenge, ranking in the top two out of hundreds of artists from all over the world. He was also named "Artist of the Year" by the Starr-Gennett Foundation. Brian has brought his foot-stomping, one-man show to timeless treasures, such as Dollywood and the Ryman Auditorium. He will be touring Europe in Spring 2017.

Facebook: Click Here

Rain City Ramblers
August 13th
8:00 pm

Rain City Ramblers are an exciting acoustic trio from Seattle, Washington. Featuring Forrest Marowitz (upright bass), Daniel Ullom (mandolin) and Jim Horbett (guitar), they trace the lines between bluegrass and country, jazz and folk, old-time and the blues, distilling their favorite elements of these traditions and blending them into finely-crafted songs.

Web Site: Click Here

Kevin Prater Band
August 13th - $10 Cover
7:00 pm

Situated in the hills of Eastern Kentucky, there is a small town of Belcher. Listen closely and you might hear what is first thought to be the angels singing. It is the sweet, crystal clear, high tenor voice of Belcher's own multi-talented son of Bluegrass. Add in his powerful and precise Mandolin, a few licks of his Guitar, Banjo, Bass and Dobro, you have the complete package of Kevin Prater. Kevin began his musical voyage at the age of four. Encouraged and mentored by his Uncle and biggest fan, Boone Estep. At age 10, he formed his first band "Elkhorn Grass" . Elkhorn Grass enjoyed 11 years of touring together. Now, over thirty years later, Kevin has traveled millions of miles, played in 49 States and 23 countries. Kevin has moved from being one of the best sidemen in Bluegrass to leading his own talented and unique band, from the hills of Appalachia, creating that Pure Kentucky Sound of the The Kevin Prater Band.

The Kevin Prater Band grew from a long musical association between Kevin Prater and Tom Timberlake. Beginning with the Timmy Cline Band in 1994 and continuing with Redwing in later years. Years into Kevin's tenure with The James King Band, Tom began encouraging Kevin to do his own music, with his own band. Tom's persistence paid off. He put the fire under Kevin to pursue his dream of fronting his own band. Soon they were forming The Kevin Prater Band. They started picking together again and working on new music with a couple of local musicians, playing their first show as "The Kevin Prater Band" in 2009. Kevin has been blessed to showcase his many talents through out his amazing career. His solid rythmn and lead is a driving force of the KPB sound. His vocals are the backbone of the group, which the music is built around. Kevin has surrounded himself with veterans of Bluegrass Music, enabling them to create their unique style of Bluegrass and Gospel Music they are quickly becoming famous for.

Web Site: Click Here
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August 26th
7:30 pm

More to come on this show...
Blind Baby Olin
August 31th
7:30 pm

They were the best thing to come out of the 80's. A fantastic party band combining a bit of rock, reggae and roots along with a sprinkling of "Grateful" . Join Kit Mayer (the original Blind Baby) on guitar and main vocalist along with brother Hans (bass, mandolin, guitar and vocals), Terry Nirva (drums and all things percussion), Tom Gibbons (lead guitar, bass and vocals), Code Man Cody Appel (keyboards, vocals and showman), Greg Balfany (sax and flute) and last, but certainly not least TJ Peterslie (harmonicas and spiritual advisor)